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The 912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz River is closed.
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High above the balcony, there is a flag waving on which the word "hospitality" is written in large letters. Escape from everyday life and enter your castle. Enjoy the peaceful quietness and tranquility of the castle facilities. Have a bird's eye view when you stand on the balcony and look down on the beautiful Franconian farmer land.
Treat yourself with a couple of days full of medieval hospitality. The area around the castle supplies the castle's cuisine  with lots of fresh and natural products. No matter if you like rustic or Franconian dishes or if you prefer the "Haute Cuisine", the cuisines and cellar will fulfill your culinary desires. Great service also belongs to hospitality. The
912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz River, a family-run hotel, doesn't like any anonymous services of a "sleeping and eating" hotel but instead, the staff at the 912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz River wants to take time for their guests and focuss on small devotions and on treasured details.

912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz River, the castle for experiencing, discovering, living and  walking. Picture of the castle view | Picture of the castle on the castle hill on the Pegnitz River | Picture inner courtyard

Welcome! The spirit of the centuries welcomes the guest of the 21st century as soon as he enters the old, dignified castle on the Pegnitz River.

The history of the castle, which was originally built in order to serve as a border fortification, reaches back until the year 1008. Changeful years brought the castle into the hands of many different owners - the members of the family of Hohenstaufen, the bishops of Bambert, the knight of Epstein and also the administration of Middle Franconia. Original, authentic, old and dignified, from the basement to the roof - who would not want to live in a castle like that?! Become castle lady or castle lord - and if it's just for a romantic weekend, a vacation or in the course of conferences and seminars. Experience the Middle Ages - with the comfort of our days.

17 hotel rooms with 42 beds

Dog (without food) per day 3 EUR.

912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz River

Dining in the knight's hall for more than 900 years. In former times on rustic tables with wooden spoons and fingers - today, on a beautiful banquet with fine porcelain and noble silverware. Ever since the early days of the castle, people have eaten and drunk in the knight's hall, even during the wild times of the Thirty Years' War, which couldn't do no harm to the walls of the castle.

Excursion destinations

Stalactite cave Maximilian grotto

Between Krottensee (about 2 km east of the 912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz River) and Konigstein (about 8 km east of the 912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz River), lies the stalactite cave Maximlian grotto in the forest near Krottensee (about 4 km east of the 912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz River). Remains of shards in the grotto prove that the Maximilian grotto already existed during the early Iron-times and that it was occupied by humans. more

Amusement park Franconian Wunderland

In Plech (about 7 km west of the 912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz River), is the family amusement and leisure park Franconian Wunderland, which was opened in 1976.  Some of the attractions are the cowboy city Kansas City with the city  part "Fairgrounds", a wild west museum, a fairy tale forest, babies world, show programs and adventure gastronomy. more

Franconian wines and other different kinds of wines, foamy beer of a traditional brewery, wild game and fish as well as poultry and meat butchered by the farmers of the surrounding area. Eating and drinking here is authentic and natural, just like the walls of the castle.
912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz River offers the hospitality like the guests wish. The romanticism of a castle, a place of happiness and well-being, an intact nature and caring personal service.

Restaurant 58 seating places, tower room 42 seating places
Beer garden in the historical inner ward 150 seating places

Knight's meal medieval feast from 15 people
Knight's meal for up to 30 people in the tower room or up to 40 people in the restaurant.
5-course knight's meal served on platters, without drinks and without live music

Mondays, the restaurant is closed after breakfast for lunch and dinner. The hotel is opened for overnight stay guests.

Church in Neuhaus on the Pegnitz River:
Directly underneath of the
912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz River (about 100 meters away), is the catholic church "Peter and Paul" in Neuhaus on the Pegnitz River.




912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz River Franconia Bavaria Nurnberg Nuremburg Mid Franconia

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