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History of the castle on the Pegnitz river in the Nurnberg / Nuremberg Land

980 Foundation of the castle on the Pegnitz River, one of the four border fortifications, which the bishop of Eichstatt be built on the borders of his bishopric by order of the King Konrad, in order to protect himself against the falling heathenish walls of the pine tree mountains.

1200 The castle belongs to the Counts from Sulzbach and then becomes the ownership of the Hohenstaufen.

1269 After the extinction of the Hohenstaufen, Ludwig the Sternly of Upper Bavaria shows up as owner of the castle.

1279 The castle serves as seat of the episcopal office Veldenstein / Neuhaus (until 1903). The name "Neuenhaus" is meant for the castle, not the town which lies at its foot.

1326 The bavarian Salbuch (a book) says, that there's a colony coming to existence underneath the castle.

1388 In the town war between nobility and the middle class, the castle is conquered by the Nurnberg / Nuremberg people.

1468 Under the direction of Bishop Phillip from Henneberg the office castle is built to a residence castle and recives its present  expansion.

1648 Despite the wild events of the Thirty Years' War, the castle remained intact.

1708 The castle was extremely destroyed because of a powder explosion (lightning in the powder tower).

1805 The castle is passed into private ownership and changes owners several of times. Please note that the castle didn't belong to the robbery knight castles at any time.

1898 Dr. med. Ritter (Knight) von  Epenstein - on Castle Mauterndorf in the salzburgish Lungau acquires the castle by buying it.

1898 von Epenstein makes an effort to give the castle back its original look. He instructed the Nurnberg / Nuremberg stone chiseller Johann Groeschel with the upgrading of the castle, not caring about the costs. He repaired the walls, towers and gates of the castle, which were being threatened to fall, in a time period of almost 10 years.

1912 Family Goering lives in the manor hause of the castle. Hermann Goering, father of Dr. Jur. Heinrich Goering, was the first minister president in the German southwest Africa and was befriended with Epenstein.

1918 In the 1st World War, the castle was an Army Surgical Hospital, in which 22 wounded people found acceptance.

1936 Epenstein dies, his wife Elisabeth, nee Schdrowicz, becomes heir of the castle.

1939 The castle is passed into the ownership of Goering by the widow of von Epenstein.

April 20, 1945 - American troups seize the castle. After the war, the federal trust administration took over the castle and occupied it with over 100 homeland expellee.

1950 The castle is passed into the management of the tax office of Pegnitz and is set under monumental protection.

1950 - 1951 The castle tower - extremely destroyed because of war effects - was repaired.




912-veld Castle hotel Pegnitz River Franconia Bavaria Nuremburg area

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Medieval castle history Franconia Bavaria

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