Knights meal medieval feast club tour groups from 15 to 40 people
912-veld Castle Hotel

The 912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz River is closed.
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Knight's meal medieval feast for groups from 15 to 40 people maximum

A knight's meal is offered for groups up to 30 people in the tower room or up to 40 people in the restaurant.

Please do not request a knight's meal if your group is smaller than 14 people or larger than 40 people. There are no public knight's meals offered in which you can participate with for example for 2, 4, 6 or 8 people. Please do not ask for a knight's meal if your party consists of only 2, 4, 6, or 8 people.

Knight's meals do not take place during the summer season.

Upon request, the 912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz River organizes jugglers or minstrels for your knight's meal. But please be aware that the additional costs for those special artists are quite high. If you do not engage jugglers or ministerls, there will be medieval CD music to entertain you.

5-course Knight's meal

  • garnished sandwiches
  • mead drink
  • soup
  • ribs and potatoes
  • chicken and red cabbage
  • crusted roast and hash browns
  • baked apple




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Knights meal medieval feast club tour groups from 15 to 40 people

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