Road map 2 Bavaria Munchen Munich airport  Neuschwanstein castle Ausgburg distances
912-veld Castle Hotel

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Road map no. 2 Bavaria Munchen / Munich Augsburg Neuschwanstein

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Nuremberg / Nurnberg, about 49 km
Ansbach, about 101 km
Rodental, about 119 km
915-colm, about 121 km
Ingolstadt, about 125 km
933-egge, about 128 km
Regensburg, about 130 km
Rothenburg ob der Tauber River, about 140 km
Wurzburg, about 152 km
Suhl, about 173 km
Gera, about 186 km
Munchen / Munich, about 200 km
Augsburg, about 204 km
741-lehe, about 209 km
Erfurt, about 232 km
Leipzig, about 240 km
Stuttgart, about 248 km
Darmstadt, about 270 km
Frankfurt on the Main River, about 270 km
Dessau, about 280 km
Mannheim, about 280 km
Eisenach, about 283 km
Heidelberg, about 286 km
Karlsruhe, about 290 km
Reutlingen, about 290 km
674-edes, about 296 km
Mainz, about 300 km
721-weit, about 301 km
653-jagd, about 327  km
886-bisc  about 335 km
Fussen, about 347 km
Kassel, about 350 km
345-wald, about 356 km
Castle Neuschwanstein, about 351 km
886-joha, about 358 km
781-hors, about 367 km
343-sabh, about 377 km
Koblenz / Coblence, about 385 km
Gottingen, about 388 km
Siegen, about 391 km
532-rame, about 420 km
Freiburg in the Breisgau, about 421 km
Hamm in Westphalia, about 486 km




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Road map 2 Bavaria Munchen Munich airport  Neuschwanstein castle Ausgburg distances

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