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Stalactite cave Maximilian grotto

Between Krottensee (about 2 km east of the 912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz River) and Konigstein (about 8 km east of the 912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz River), is the stalactite cave Maximilian grotto in the forest near Krottensee, which is about 4 km east of the 912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz River. Shards remains in the cave prove, that the Maximilian grotto already existed during the early Iron-age and that it had been inhabited by humans. Wild bears also used the cave as their dwelling.

The entrance to the Maximilian grotto leads through a wooden door. Then you have to go downstairs. At a depth of 26 meters underneath the surface, you'll reach the Leissner dome, the largest room of the stalactite cave. Sunlight streams into the Leissner dome through a wind hole. Other highlights are the Adlergrotte (eagle's grotto), the Orgelgrotte (organ's grotto), the Schatzkammer (treasure chamber) or the Schwarze Halle (black hall). You'll find fascinating and spectacular dripstone formations in these underground rooms. According to their looks, the stones carry names like elephant, baptismal font or Mother of God.

Amusement park Franconian Wunderland

In Plech (about 7 km west of the 912-veld castle hotel Pegnitz River) is the amusement park "Franconian Wonderland" for children and the whole family, which was opened in 1976. Some of the attractions are the cowboy city Kansas City with the city part "Fairgrounds", a wild west museum, a fairy tale forest, baby world, show programs and adventure gastronomy. The amusement park also offers a lot of shopping possibilities.

You can experience Kansas city on a shopping tour through the Main street as well as on a ride with a true to original rebuilt stage coach through the dusty streets. In the course of the daily show programs, you can experience the "wild west" of past days. You'll be entertained by show programs as well as water games in the city part "Fairgrounds".

If you go on a round walk through the fairy tale forest, you'll meet famous fairy tale figure of the Grimm brothers. From the round path, you can reach other studes trails, a mushroom studies path and a bird studies path.

The baby land is especially for children up to 6 years. Your children will love the moonwalk castles, merry-go-rounds, trampolines and many other attractions.

The western museum hosts an impressive exhibition of things from the cowboy and indian times. You can see for example saddles, western boots, sherriff stars and much more.




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Stalactite cave leisure park

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